Going for 4th down

2 times by our coach cost us the game. With a back up qb that can’t pass on the 4 yard line instead of a sure fg was stupid. Then going for it w same backup qb in our own territory cost us the game. That is head coaches decision.


That’s what the discussion has been & covered.

MH rushed for 37 yards (total) and 24 passing yards. Not good…

“MH rushed for 37 yards (total) and 24 passing yards. Not good…”

I may be remembering wrong, but I seem to remember Malik had many offers several from the SEC out of HS. I also seem to remember most of those offers wanted him as a receiver, but he only wanted to be a QB. I think Arkansas was one of the ones that said okay for a try as a QB and that’s why he chose the Hogs. I also think they tried him and realized he was not an SEC QB and tried to convince him to play WR and this ultimately lead to him jumping into the portal the first time.

I think his time as a QB here is over, I also think if that’s the case he will jump into the portal again. I also think that if he is only interested in playing QB, there will be no portal offers.

As we always hear, college football is BIG Business, sadly sometimes it will take these kids dreams and chew them up and spit them out. I hope Malik spent time getting a good way toward completing his degree because the real world will chew you up and spit you out as well if you don’t perform at work. Fire ya quick and no one will care but your folks. Reality is a harsh unforgiving mistress.

Great question: you enter the portal and don’t get taken, do you still have your coveted scholarship that might be needed for the next class–even though you refuse to play a position that might help the team?

I don’t know for sure but I think if you enter the portal and then no one picks you you have to ask to come back. Then its the coaches decision if you get to come back and if you get your scholly back if he allows you back.

I have a hunch if you’ve entered the portal twice on Sam, that bridge may be burnt.

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True. He was the a top 5 dual-threat QB by one service.

Back to the original topic. Going for it on 4th down. That’s two weeks in a row that has really bit us in the hiney. If your O-line is moving people around and your QB is playing well, it makes sense to go for it. That, sadly, is not the case with us. We have lost 3 games this season because of a lack of situational awareness. Once by a player, and twice by our coach.we could, and should, be 8-2 right now.