Going against the grain with 3 positive comments

  1. We won the game against a quality opponent.

  2. In his first start, Hall was excellent.

  3. Gafford seems to have turned the corner in not picking up silly, reaching fouls. Keeping him out of early foul trouble is a vital.

  1. Agree.
  2. Agree.
  3. Agree (with fingers crossed).

The 3 SR Guards playing so much 1 on 1 ball that the offense is stagnant. Hall playing at the 3 was very telling that the spacing on the floor was better with more passing (with just 2 of the 3 SR guards on the Floor). Hall is a good all-around player.

I need to go back and watch the game to remember which one, but I thought one of the fouls against Gafford tonight was not really a foul. He is improving in that regard.

I think you are remembering when he helped down and blocked a shot when the crowd was really into it. A foul was called. It looked clean, but it’s hard to tell.

Darious Hall was great. I love his game - when he’s not forcing his offense - and have going back to when he played at Mills. Best part to me was he was turnover-free. Tells me he was poised.

He played 20+ minutes in both games this week, so I think the staff’s trust in him is really growing. Eager to see if his play Saturday earned him a start at Florida on Wednesday.

So glad we have Hall.

I’m afraid we are in the position because Mike has not recruited some spots well.

Tough to rely on freshman but Gafford of course is among top freshmen in country and Hall has so much upside.

My disappointment is in our seniors.

I was hopeful to see more paint work from Trey withbmore inside game but he still seems more comfortable passing around perimeter.

Need his presence in paint to help spread the floor or it’s easier for teams to come out further on our guards.

Of course having little play at the 4 has the same effect.

That’s why Hall coming on is so important.

He’s not afraid to take it to the rim.

Love the freshman upside compensating for some personnel misses.

We would be much better if Garland was able to play at Guard.

I agree, even though we have 3 good guards, Garland being out hurts bc he is a solid two guard with PG skills. He could have helped the seniors rest and taken some pressure off of CJ when on the floor together.

Totally agree with Sr comment, bench them all and get them refocused if necessary. WPS