Goforth stepping away

Wishing her all the best. Prayers are with her in this difficult decision and time of her life.


I’m very sorry to read this, but I know her health and well being should be paramount. I hope she somehow regains her health. I send my prayers to her and her family. God Bless.


That breaks my heart…for Sasha and the team.

Gastroparesis really, really sucks. Can’t imagine trying to play through it. And I hope they get it corrected.

Can they treat it? Will she be able to play again?

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Treatments include medications and possibly surgery.

Basically, gastroparesis is where the stomach doesn’t empty normally. Food gets in there and stays there.

Man, I really hate this for Sasha. Loved watching her play. Is this condition brought on by stress?

The usual causes are nerve damage, viral infections, some medications, and as a side effect of some systemic illnesses. But stress can be a cause.

Just an awful situation for everyone. I pray Sasha makes a full recovery and can re-join her teammates. Really, really sad for her.

usual cause is diabetes as it is a common long term compication. Vandy does stimulators frequently as a derivative from deep brain stimulation that we have done for decades, very successul in most outcomes and really quick “surgery” since it is also done percutaneously. I was discussing McDonalds AA with my daughter today because she is aware that we have 3 incoming and I told her we similar talent on the women’s team from recruiting.

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Wow this is terrible. She is young and going through some rough medical problems. I will pray for her and her family. This isn’t about basketball!


May God Bless this young lady. Praying she gets through this. She is forever a Lady Hog.


Took the words right out of my mouth. I am completely brokenhearted.
I hope she can come back after time away.
But health is far more important than basketball.


Yep. I most commonly encountered it, though, in my pain management days as a side effect of opioid pain medication. Take your Vicodin, the motility sometimes shuts down

May god bless her and her family to see their way through this difficult period. God is still on the throne and in the healing business and shows up when called upon. WPS

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One of the biggest problems with gastroparesis is that the most effective medication for it , metoclopramide, can cause serious, irreversible side effects (tardive dyskinesia), and it can occur at any time in therapy.

Erythromycin can sometimes be effective, but for some reason, this generic medication which used to be used commonly, is now prohibitively expensive.

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Such awful news and I truly hate to hear this for her. I pray she is able to get her health in check first and foremost and if she is able to come back and play then that is a bonus. Such a shame for such a talented young lady….very sad!!!

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I truly hope that Sasha can get this condition under control and come back to play basketball again…someday. Whenever that may be. Because she is a rare talent. WNBA bound.

But as someone that has watched my wife dance with cancer since 2015, I understand deeply what before I only understood superficially…and that is along with your spiritual and family life, health is far more important than anything. Mary underwent the most invasive GYN surgery there is. Pelvic exenteration. Go look that up. That surgery is invasive and permanent. But she is alive…sitting beside me right now. All we want is to be together…with our 26 year old daughter…and God has granted us that.

As much as basketball means to Sasha, I am sure she just wants to stop feeling miserable. If stepping away from hoops will help her…so be it. I am just saddened SELFISHLY…because I loved watching her play. She was my favorite…and I looked forward to watching her become the All-American I believed she could be.

But that’s my personal disappointment. She is taking a brave step…much like my wife did in electing to have surgery at the Mayo clinic. I applaud her…and privately hope to see her play again someday.

Sasha…if you ever read this…you have literally thousands of people…10’s of thousands…that love and admire you. Go get well. Namaste and God Bless.

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Prayers for Sasha. I really hope and pray she is able to get healthy and have a joyful pain free life.