God was on Aubrun's side

According to Coach Pearlie Gates. Yeah right Bruce. I’m sure God favors cheaters. Maybe he was referring to the shoe gods. And when oh when is someone going to ask Bruce Almighty about Chuckie P?

You know it WON’T be the NCAA asking questions

He must have been referring to the Nike god.

Bruce Pearl is a joke! He needs to do some serious soul searching and ask for forgiveness! He is just a sorry, cheating liar! I can’t stand him or Auburn!

I hate to tell Coach Pearl, but I don’t believe God has any hand in the outcome of sporting events.

Go Hogs!

Using God is just Pearls cop out to cover for his sports indecencies. What a hypocrite.

I’m sure God was loving the Aubbie player flashing the choke sign while the Desert Aggie player was shooting FT’s. That’s why God temporarily blinded the refs so that they would not see it and call a technical foul. The people of the Alabama plains are truly God’s chosen people.