God love Billy Kennedy...

…and I have never heard him speak other than the short video of his post game press conference…

But, how does that man recruit top flight talent to A&M? He is the most boring speaker since Ben Stein on Bueller. Actually, he’s worse. Stein, while being himself, was a parody of a boring teacher. Kennedy is just being himself.

Is this proof illegal recruiting is rampant in College Station? I kid, mostly…

He has Parkinson’s. That (or meds for it) may be part of the issue with his speech.


…and this is why I shouldn’t post.

My apologies.

Most of us have been there, don’t worry about it.

Billy Kennedy is a good man! He is doing the best he can physically and he’s got a rough road road in front of him. I admire him for what he is going through and still coaching. I still want our hogs to beat his team!

Nah. Happened last year too. No big deal. For whatever reason it hasn’t been publicized much.

Little Hock, I was thinking the same thing. Somethings wrong w coach K as I watched his pressor but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Poor guy. I will pull for him except against us. Seems like a straight shooter. Hope he’s able to control his disease & coach at for a long time.

Amen. Parkinsons is a horrible, grinding condition. Cannot begin to fathom his struggle.

coaches these days all try to mimic St Nick and Bellicheat, and go out of their way to be boring, so your assumption was logical.

I am NOTORIOUS for sticking my foot in my mouth, so your post made me giggle a little.

Thanks for making me feel normal and for the Sunday am chuckle!


nothing to see and there are not many opposing fans with an angle who don’t know and then regret. Happened often to a friend of a friend
whom I greatly respect since he has been living with PD for nearly 10 years and was a firey
player and coach, then announcer for television. Brent Peterson and Scott Hamilton have championed neurologic issues here in Nashville for some time now.

Ditto Billy Kennedy. Biggest pricks that I ever met were Atlanta DJ’s who went after Steve Gleason and his ALS. Only time I learned twitter to support them getting fired. Worked. Over the line happens when it comes to opposition often, but making it personal is just a catharsis needed by some


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I had a wise man tell me “ The tongue is in a wet place, it’s going to slip out every once in a while”. I try keeping that in mind when I can.

Yes sir. I’ve learned the hard way. Now the fingers can do the same. And I’ve learned the hard way with those too.

Prayers for Coach Kennedy. Very tough.

He is a great dude, very caring and connects well with prospects.