God, I wish I was home today

I haven’t lived in Arkansas since 1986. Not full-time. I left after college, found the girl of my dreams in grad school, married her, and it never worked out career-wise for us to come back to Arkansas. I love Charleston. I’ve raised my daughter here, and have had a great life.

But Arkansas will always be home. And days like today make me miss it so bad my heart hurts.

Today the Hogs are coming back to play in War Memorial. So many of my best friends will be there. I tried to get back, but couldn’t. Thankfully, I am free tonight, and I’ll be hunkered down watching. But its not the same as tailgating at Fair Park. Then watching the game in a stadium that I spent a ton of time in over the course of my childhood.

War Memorial! I’ve always loved that little stadium! (Even when I was launching 8 irons into it from the golf course like the teenage knucklehead I was). Count me as a fan that believes we should never totally leave LR. It keeps the state unified behind the Hogs. Trust me. I’ve lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and South Carolina…and our situation is unique in that the state is unified behind one team. (Nebraska enjoys that too I realize). South Carolina? Its not even unified in Columbia!

Here’s hoping the crowd shows up, is lubricated just enough (but not too much) to be rowdy in a classy way, and that we get off to a good start…getting the crowd into it even more.

Hogs are winning this one today…and start a little win streak. Maybe make a bowl. We have more talent than people realize…especially the defensive front 6. They will dominate today. Rakeem Boyd and Devwah will run wild.

My time period is much, much shorter than yours but I’m missing home wishing I could be there today as well.

This is my first year away from Arkansas, living in New Orleans. I’m not that far away, but I’m so busy with school I don’t get to go home near as often as I was thinking I would.

I hope everyone shows up, and the hogs show out!

I hear you. I love where I live and all it offers, but Arkansas is home. Always will be. I would like to go to the game tonight. Rain or no rain. I really do not see us winning as our secondary is just far too weak and slow to do much with those receivers (help is on the way, but not tonight). Still, I think it will be fun, and I think it is important to show the guys support.

As to WMS, I love that ole place. Something about it. Heard all the arguments and don’t disagree, but a night conference game in LR. That is OK.

I wish I could make it back home to WMS tonight as well.

Nice post Hogmasetro. My feelings exactly. We left Benton and moved to Chattanooga in 98 for a career move that ended up being a great decision. I never missed a game at WMS from the early 80’s until we left Arkansas. Prior to the early 80’s I went to as many as possible. It’s a special place. We were able to be there for the opening game in 2017.

We tailgated in front of Ray Winder field for years. Great memories with family and friends at those games and tailgates. Our dear friend Bubba Hargraves always had us laughing. He departed this world about 10 years ago but his memory lives on for all of his friends and family. Bubba would sing the Alma Mater loud and substitute in the line “beacon of hop” with “bacon of hope”. The folks in our section always cracked up. We miss Bubba. Miss WMS too but tonight I (like you) will be glued to the TV in my Razorback Room calling the hogs.

You can take the boy out of Arkansas but you can’t take the Arkansas out of the boy!

Nice thread.

I actually did not grow up in Arkansas (I was born in Fort Smith to parents who met at the U of A post-WWII, but they moved to El Paso when I was an infant), so I don’t have the childhood memories of tailgating or attending games at either stadium that most of you do. For me, it was hanging outside with Dad as he twisted the transistor radio around in the Saturday night air to get a mystical radio signal from some station or another carrying our games. Sometimes we did, sometimes we didn’t and had to watch for score updates on whatever SINGLE game ABC was broadcasting.

Regardless, I still find these stories heart-warming and appreciate them when someone takes the time to share them. Thanks, OP.

You guys make me want come home.
I really miss it.

I moved away from NWA when I graduated high school (1974) but came back 4 years later … moved away again in 1992 and moved around a bit with work (TX, NC, TX, CA) and am now 26 years later back in NWA. It’s certainly not the quaint little area it was when I lived here before but it is good to be back home. I had season tickets to both football and basketball for many years and hope to get back to that very soon. I remember going to RJ’s before the games and Herman’s afterwards… good times indeed. Looking forward to going to some basketball games and hope to make a football game or two this year yet. I’ve missed watching the games in person and with other rabid hog fans…

That all being said … I do miss living in San Diego :slight_smile:

Can’t tell you how many golf balls I hit into WMS as a kid. We would always tee it up on the par 3 tee box and hit into the stadium.

Precisely. Could have killed someone. That doesn’t seem to occur to you at age 13.