Goal line stands

Both of the goal line stands were epic. I watched the entire game last night and kept rewinding those 4th down stops. Our DLine and entire D were awesome.

Have not seen us do that in years.


It’s especially fun because of the inability of the previous defense to make any kind of stop.


Coach Odom has great goal line packages.


Odom does a great job near the goal line of placing his players to defend less real estate. Enough players to come up and support a run stop and enough to make you go east and west. Passes have to be on target and someone will be there to hit you . Smaller space makes it easier to defend if you have a plan and players execute it.

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Not sure we could (or can) do it against Bama, but the last couple of years, we’ve been wondering if we could do it against Colorado State or NT State.

The improvement is breathtaking.


This pretty much sums it all up!


as the announcers said, it really looked like we had 12 or 13 players out there. I’m just sooooooo impressed with our coaches and our players. this is the most fun season, so far, in years.


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Every player must do their part on goal line. They do their job. That is clear.

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