Go home and practice and get all of our guns firing

Hard to believe we scored All Those runs the first two games and we got four of our best hitters combined for two hits for the whole tournament.

I’d like them to practice hitting a good curve ball. Hess was great today. Tough drawing the opponents ace in game three.

Give the LSU coach credit. He saw far enough ahead that he got Ness out about 20 pitches early Tuesday for such an occasion as today. It worked. Campbell pitched well, just gave up the gopher ball. One mistake–he didn’t get enough support.

Hess pitched a very good game but he was very lucky could have easily hit three or four home runs off of him and I really thought Cole ball was out I think the air got heavy after it rain

I thought that was a factor, too. Cole’s ball would have given us a 2 run lead & likely the win.

Hess got some favorable calls that were huge! He also got our players to swing at balls and take strikes! Fletcher took a rip at a pitch that hit him! The hogs had a horrible day at the plate! I would like to see them hit the middle of the ball and stop the upper cut I’ve seen if enough!