Go get the pilot...

to get the plane and go get Musselman or Marshall. Its noway Texas Tech let Beard out of Minnesota without a new contract.


Beard is not coming here. I think they beat UVA too.

It’s crazy this guy was at UALR just a couple years ago. Sucks that he made this run in the Dance. We would have at least offered him…

Just think…we could have gotten him away from UALR, instead of TT, but too many thought Anderson had promise. We sure can’t get him now, but there are others like Beard out there. We just need to get lucky.

There’s no way to make a correlation that he would have been as successful here or that this is as high as he might ever get at Texas Tech. We can’t base our opinions off 1 year of success.

If we don’t get Beard, I’m leaning toward anyone that hasn’t been mentioned.

Gas, coach K or Self is not coming. Get real.

No kiddin. It gonna be plan Q or plan R if we don’t get Beard.

Agreed. There is no way we could get Beard out of Lubbock. Go to next in line, make sure your offer can’t be refused and sign him tomorrow.

It’s time to recruit, stabilize our current players, and start the process of meeting the fans and boosters. WPS

Good post Rice!

Forget about leaving TTech for Arkansas. He is home. He has family and kids in Lubbock. He ain’t leaving Texas again to come to Arkansas.

So what!? That doesn’t matter! There are a couple of brilliant, future hall-of-fame assistant or small college head coaches as good as any of the current HOT big time coaches.