Go Get Muss

As much as I would love him to, Beard is not coming to the Hill win or lose the championship game, so why wait. Get him locked up tomorrow and have the presser on Tuesday WPS

It would seem this is where this coaching search is heading. Musselman.

Meh. Sigh.

I’m holding out slim hope that Greg Marshall will say yes if UA decides to offer. Or maybe UA talking to Thad Mata behind the scenes.

Yep, take beard off the board!

HY Had his eye on the right guy but this is Beards banner year,just not meant to be.

Yep. Hopefully UA on to other good coaches not named Eric Musselman.

Muss or Bust!

Why do we go after coaches that we cannot get? Common sense is not our thing.



Guessing Marshall

Dear Hunter,
Please give Coach Musselman whatever it takes to get him to leave Nevada and come here. You may not know our history…mostly, Jeff Long, of getting huge pay raises for coaches, at their current schools, never to come here, i.e. Tommy Bowden, Jim Grobe, Gus and I’m sure I’m missing some. You are about to find out that Chris Beard is NOT coming to Arkansas, no matter who has told you that he has interest. The only interest he has in Arkansas, is all the interest his Millions of dollars that Texas Tech will be putting in his bank account, will be earning. Give it up…Beard ain’t coming. Don’t be like Long!!

Dude. Every school, every AD, gets worked by coaches and their agents. That’s why they hire agents. John Calipari just worked UCLA for a lifetime deal at Kentucky. Rich Rodriguez worked Alabama football in 2007; their Plan B was Nick Saban.

And if you will note, the all-time worst Arkansas raise-work was by Gus Malzahn, after Long was fired. As for Tommy Bowden and Jim Grobe, thank goodness we didn’t hire either one of those clowns.

He’s coming.

Swine, I said MOSTLY, Jeff Long. I know, last year’s “committee” got led around by the nose waiting on the Gus Bus!

Is this a gut feeling or do you and HY both know something that no one else knows or are you talking about God which yes he is coming. WPS