Go get Bruce Pearl

Sorry, Mike, I love ya. A great hire at the time. But not getting it done.

A rehabilitated Bruce is what we need.

If you hire Bruce Pearl we’ll be under sanctions in 3 years.

I wouldn’t support that move. Reminds me of calapari

Amen, WPS

You think squeaky clean Jeff Long would hire Dirty A$$ Bruce Pearl?? Give me a break.

I assure you Arkansas isnt as squeaky clean as you think. Other teams are just better at being dirty

He hired Petrino didn’t he?

I’m as upset as the rest of you, however, I think the hogs just ran into a sawmill the first half. I was watching the other game because they were still playing it was better. Glad I did but stuff happens.

That’s better than the sanctions we’ve been under the last 22 years. Markedly better. This whole basketball program is awful – men, women, young, old – even with the vaunted practice facility.

“Make Arkansas Great Again!”

If that’s even possible at this point.

Yes they are…I assure you.

And then got burned. How’s it go…fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?

No kidding. If we’re not “squeaky clean” then we are badly, badly mis-prioritizing our capital expenditures. Who the hell that’s any good are we spending the money on?

I couldn’t stand the red face and all that sweat, plus cheating. Wrong choice.

If we are going to throw names out, how about Fred Hoiberg if he gets fired. I’m a Bulls fan and keep up with them. It’s 50/50 right now, if they tank again and miss the playoffs he’s probably gone.

He rebuilt ISU quick after McDermott was nudged towards Creighton.

Stuff happens!?! Do what? What are you smoking!? Maybe you can settle for continuing to excuse away poor effort and ineffective coaching, but I have too much pride in the U of A to do so!

I want Mike Anderson. He runs a clean program and win or lose he is still the coach and I support him! We have more talent coming in the next 2 years and the performance of the team will improve. It was a pipe dream thinking this team could play well enough to make a run this year.

LOL, Jeff Long hiring Bruce Pearl would be him basically resigning. He’s already had his one scandal hire. You don’t get a second second scandal and survive that as an AD. Bruce Pearl getting 5 stars and top 50 recruits to actually come play at Auburn, we all know it’s just a matter of time.

At least Pearl’s players play with fight. Theses are Charmin type players. Soft. At least Moses has stopped whining every time he gets hit and no foul is called

Pearl won’t come here. He’s just now getting AUB trending up. He will stick with it a few more years, unless a Blue Blood comes calling. Right now, you have to look at an up and comer, or an established coach that’s on the hot seat, either way, you’ll probably lose some of those incoming classes. I don’t even think Hoiberg would keep them. Mike maybe the best choice for at least one more year.

Remember, unlike EVERYONE ELSE ON HERE, I’m not a Mike fan, but I also understand starting over now would be another 5 years with one NCAAT. Just ride it out.

Well I’m not going to tell details about anything I have first-hand knowledge of certain things. Every program has things that would be considered not clean.