GM offer

Have to think the reason we delayed hiring a new AD is to help our offer to GM. I imagine offering him the ability to have some say in the AD may be important.

Offer of $6.2mm is out there. It is up to Gus now.

You really think 6.2 is gonna cut it when Jimbo got 7.5 yesterday. You think
Sexton is not gonna see that as a lowball offer. I realize we don’t have the booster
level of A&M, but if your gonna run with the champagne crowd, you better not
try serving up beer.

Why would he leave all that talent and superior program for 6.2?

Where was it reported that he had an offer of $6.2 from Arkansas? I apparently missed that.

To come home and mingle with his flock of followers.

At some point it becomes about more than money for the HC. Other factors like staffing budget, freedom to make decisions, and who will be the AD, all play into an offer. Hence my original guess is that the reason we waited to hire the AD was to give GM a say.

I would like an answer to this also. We are going up 2 mill a year for Gus?? Unbelievable

Ya. 6.2 is a real beer offer. Good grief.


I’m not a Gus fan but who else is a proven elite power program coach with multiple sec coach of the year honors and national title game appearance as head coach who has any interest in our situation?

I think he’s a shameless self promoter but most are.

He’s biggest name proven elite coach by far who might have interest. No other elite coach does.

Our alternative is saving money and taking a chance and hoping we get more than we pay for which doesn’t seem to work out for us either.

Arkansas is not remotely swimming in deep pockets when looking
at Endowment wealth. A$M and Texas are both among the top ten wealthiest colleges in the world.