Glossary of Swine's nicknames

By public request:
Subject to constant revision, I’m sure. I’ve been doing these names for 20+ years on this board and its predecessors.

Fightin’ Fallopians (Bevo’s head looks just like the female reproductive tract. I once posted a pictoral comparison and it was taken down within 15 minutes; guess nobody wanted to see a drawing of a uterus on the board)
Evil Orange Empire (sometimes EOE-A, or EOE)
Bonghorns (particularly if one gets in trouble on drug charges)
Bevo. Or their TV network that is about to go away, Bevonet.

Ocean Scum (Crimson Tide is algae, and algae is scum)
Their head coach, Nick Satan, uh, Saban
Located in Tuscaloser
Fred’s favorite team
Murder U, or Murderers’ Row. Re the case of the Jamea Harris slaying and Brandon Miller’s involvement.

Mississippi State:
Moo U
Varmits. Don’t use that one much but bring it out occasionally
Located, of course, in Stankvomit, in the third world country of Mississippi

Corndogs (worthwhile to find the Auburn board post from 20 years ago that describes how LSU fans smell like corndogs, but don’t act like you can smell them or they’ll beat you up or slash your tires or both)
Swamp Kitties
LS-sewer (not a common one)

Formerly Evil Orange Empire-Knoxville or EOE-K.
Now Evil Mustard Empire, EME, or just Mustard
Viles. Located in Knoxvile.
Highway Cleanup Crew

South Carolina:
USCe if the other USC is also under discussion
Chickens/Hens for the women’s basketball team. Plays in the Coop.
(I need to figure out some derisive reference to Sandstorm, which is still ringing in my ears a week later)

Jellycats (KY Jelly, an intimate lubricant)
Coached by Calamari, or just the Squid.

Ole Miss:
Flopnecks in football, Rebnecks otherwise.
Old Mrs.
Located in Oxbarn
Also located in the third world country

Bagmen or Baggies, in reference to the bags they’ve paid players in for decades.
War Chickens

Gaggies or Gagmes
ATM. Board rules prevent me from putting vowels on either side of those letters, but you can figure it out.

Misery (both state and school)
Paper Tigers (by popular demand - MB C)

Mobilehoma, state and school
Zero U

Only worth the trouble of coming up with names for baseball. Anchor Boys, mainly

Jawja, Dawgs. Maybe I’ll do more with them now that we’ll be playing them more often in foobaw.

Swamp Lizards

Outside the SEC:
Suckeyes, tOSU, aOSU. Located in central Ohio
Meechigan, Wolvies
Sparty (Mich. St.)
Cobs for Nebraska, stolen from my friend in Omaha (short for Corncobs, of course)
Minny (both fairly obvious)
Free Shoes (taken from a Steve Spurrier quip about Florida State after some of their players were found to be getting freebies at Foot Locker)
Kansaw, Prairie Chickens. Coached by Show Cause Self
Okie Lite, Cowpukes, led by I’m a Man Gundy. Located in Stillpatch.
USCw. Broomheads. Not a common one since they’ve been irrelevant in football.
Bayluh. Formerly coached by Hypocrite Teaff. Located in Wacko, armpit of Texas
Stanford Thunderchickens. When they dropped the Indians mascot, the student body voted for Thunderchickens but the PTB opted for Cardinal.
Molester State. Located in Corvallis. For those who don’t know the back story, the OSU baseball team that beat us in Omaha in 2018 had a pitcher who had confessed to sexually abusing his 6-year-old niece when he was 15. When word of that got out, a firestorm erupted, but he claimed he didn’t molest the girl and only said he did to get the episode behind him, and OSU left him on the team.
Wazzu. Not exactly original way to shorten Washington State

Special level of derision:
Jonesboro Tech. ASWho. Pink Puppies. Chihuahuas. Wannabes


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In Texas many still call ut Austin “tu”. Aggies coined the “tu” (vs TU) term after ut frequently refer to themselves as “THE University” of Texas.
In Houston many referred to aTm as “Corp Turds” which often fits their fan mentality, especially those in the aTm Corp.
Mississippi is often referred to as “Ole Piss” here in DFW.
UH is still called “Cougar High”.

Thanks for the list since often lost in translating nicknames & background for other SEC schools.
Have not heard many nicknames for Arkansas but can only guess.

Ole Miss additions: Football team coached by Joey Freshwater. Basketball team coached by Domestic Assault by Choking.

Yep Cougar High and Tiger High (Memphis) still apply.