Globe Life Field

Looks like the temps will be 40’s and 50’s for the games this weekend. To anyone who has watched games there, will we need to bundle up?

Uh, doesn’t it have a roof?


It will be kind of chilly and breezy outside on Friday and Saturday.

Inside, there are some indications that the crowds are going to be big by college baseball standards, especially for Friday and Saturday. College teams just don’t play in front of 20k in fans very often, and it’s not out of the question that the crowds could go over 20,000 sold on those days. The place seats about 40k, so there still should be plenty of room, but the stadium should be lively.

Lots of great college players on display, and four of the teams will bring fans, so it should be a fun weekend, regardless of how the games turn out.

The roof will most definitely be closed

We went two years ago and it was an absolute blast

Hog fans dominated

Wish I could go this year but other obligations prevent me from taking time out of clinic

One tidbit for those that are going on Saturday.

Arlington has an XFL team which will be playing in Choctaw Stadium(the old Rangers stadium basically next to the new one) at 2:00 on Saturday. They probably won’t draw more than a few thousand people but there could be some additional traffic in the area that afternoon, which hopefully will all clear out well before our game that night.

Yep that’s exactly why Dave said he will be coming here every year as long as he’s coach… He knows he’s going to get 72° every game… He didn’t like that Round Rock experience with all that cold weather… we get enough that crap as it is.

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So, we have four going. Can we just walk in and seat anywhere we want? Is that what open seating is there?

See y’all there I’ll be wearing something Razorback red😎

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There are some club areas that you can’t access but otherwise , yes
First come first served

I’ll look for large groups of red then.

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