Glen Ray Hines and CTE

Glen Ray Hines, Jr., sent me a note to say that results from CTE testing for his father, the great OL from the 1964 team, Glen Ray Hines, did in fact show he had advanced CTE.

Boston University Hospital does the testing. They will announce the results soon. But let Glen Jr. and family know that it was Stage IV, the most advanced of CTE. The anniversary of Glen’s death is Saturday.

I think the family already knew that’s what it would be. Glen Jr. had concussion issues as a kicker in college. He also was a top QB in high school in the Houston area.

I should have more on this story later. Glen also posted this on his Facebook page.

I feel for him. Glen has started doing quite a bit of writing since he retired from the Marine Corp. He wrote a piece last August titled “Bring in the gladiators”, it’s a quick 30 minute read and it touches on this issue.

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