Glancing ahead to 2017-18

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Garland’s commit means 12 of the 13 scholarships for the 17-18 team are now spoken for. Obviously stuff can change, but here’s a glance at what the roster could look like. What really strikes me is the length of the guard/wing types and how many primary ballhandlers there’d be. Lot of options for Mike.

I like it.

How will MA change his style to use this roster?

6-0 and under: Beard, Glasper
6-3: Barford, Macon
6-5: Jones
6-6: Bailey, Garland
6-7: Hall
6-8: Cook, Hazen, Thomas
6-9: Thompson
6-11: Gafford

Most of the team will be taller than traditional college guard-sized. First time ever?

Will MA back away from his preference for a three-guard lineup? A lot of the taller guys have versatility.

If anything you turn it up with that type of line-up. Mike has been missing that length and thus why he has not put a good defensive team on the court in his tenure. Really you need a combination of length and quickness. I hear Macon is very quick. Hear Barford less so but still more than capable. It is interesting and should provide Mike with a great problem of having to mix and match to find the best combination.

It looks similar to Oregon’s roster last season. If the long wings can run, they could be ideal for trapping.