Glad we lost

The way our players act is an embarrassment to everyone involved. Vandy got their act together and so glad they did to shut Johnson, Black etc up. We are a bunch of crybabies and Muss, Yuracheck and our fans base should be embarrassed.

Who is this “we” you’re a fan of?

Kamani is maybe the best player on the team. The most passion about winning and anger about getting bullied and definitely was our biggest scoring threat with all the technical free throws he generated. He’s the only guy that turned the momentum in our favor ever today

I do hate it when we refuse to shake hands after the game like the sore losers we are. Muss is the ring leader on that $h!t

Ah. Here comes to Muss has got to go guys coming out of the woodwork. The guys that never wanted Muss in the first place. They smell blood in the water and want Muss’s head on a plater. And replaced by who? Perhaps another “Aww shucks” coach that doesn’t mind losing at all. As long as we look good in the process. Go back to watching Leave it to Beaver.

think maybe it had something to do with all the obviously hot tempers and bad feelings? Not sure going through a token handshake line was worth the risk of somebody saying or doing something… just my take.

Nope. Bad sportsmanship.


Who’s said muss has to go? Also do you think every team and coach that shakes hands after every game just doesn’t mind losing? You think all the best coaches in the game just shake hands cause they don’t mind losing?

Vandy had a starter kicked out of the game and went down by ten points after the hogs were gifted 7 free throws. And they came back to keep their cool, play a clean game, and kick our ass in the second half. Mussleman should’ve been the first one over there at half court to shake stackhouse hand and say congrats on beating us two years in a row.

The hogs lost for a lot of reasons but it wasn’t because the refs cheated us or vandy played dirty.

If it’s fair game to criticize our three point shooting or defense or some 18 year old kids effort, well it’s definitely fair to say something about mussleman being a sore loser and still be a hogs fan

Maybe. That’s a fair opinion and I guess avoiding fights is great if our guys really couldn’t refrain from violence in that situation. But this sure wasn’t the first basketball game with hot tempers and physical play and two teams that don’t like each other. And mussleman has a clear history of not shaking hands when he’s mad about losing but he has never once skipped the hand shake line after a contentious, emotional game that we won.

And mainly my point is it shouldn’t ever just be a token hand shake line. The handshake line should happen especially after a game of hot tempers. That’s whole point of it. Mussleman just shouldn’t ever do the handshake line, ever, if he thinks it’s just a token gesture that he’s only willing to do sometimes, mostly when we win.

I get you guys are upset with our poor sportsmanship. So am I. Muss needs to put a stop to this ASAP. Maybe by sitting Black and Kamani a game or two. These guys need to stop running their mouths and strutting. They got nothing to strut about. I’m beginning to think it will be best for the team if Black does go pro. Getting tired of his attitude and poor play. Perhaps playing with real men will improve his attitude. Perhaps Muss needs to tell a few of the attitude problems and Prima Donnas in his locker room it’s time to move on. Just like Sam did.

Not a good look, to be sure, but I’ve never been a fan of the handshake line.

Who really cares about the handshake after that game! It’s best to avoid someone getting punched. I’m never glad to see our hogs get beat!! They earned it for sure but I’m never proud to see it.

Anybody consider that Vandy didn’t want the handshake?

Strutting? What are you talking about?

I did briefly. But seriously who doesn’t want to shake hands with a top 15 team when you just kicked their butt. True it may have given them even more joy to point at us leaving the court and run over to our tunnel to wave goodbye, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to shake our hands.

Look it’s not that big of a deal. They’re grown men who can make their own decisions and I certainly don’t want anyone to be forced to shake hands out of some obligation if they truly don’t feel like showing sportsmanship and saying congratulations. It’s just not my preference. I think it takes away from the game, it takes away from the challenge and the joy of competing at the highest possible level. It’s like saying you wish the opponent played worse so you won instead of saying you wish you played better. Or else it’s like saying you think they are definite cheaters who deserved to lose but only won because they’re cheaters, in which case you should probably actually fight em about it instead of sulking off to your locker room. This is just my personal philosophy on competition. What happened tonight wasn’t cheating and wasn’t worth fighting over. Just say congratulations and then go back to the weight room

I guess I’m in the minority though. I want Kamani with all his attitude and antics and skirmishes, and I want him to shake hands when he gets butt kicked too. So whatever. That’s me

Handshake line isn’t some hallowed ancient tradition. Let the head coaches shake or wave or whatever, and everyone else can mill around and shake if they want or say hi to grandma or hit the locker room

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