Glad we didn’t hire Norvell

He’s not doing too well at a place that has a lot of tradition. One of the top programs in the country for 40 years. He”s 0-2 with a close loss to Norte Dame—no shame there—and a close loss to Jacksonville State—lots of shame there. Had a losing season last year (3-6).

Still, that loss should remind us how vulnerable a team can be after a highly emotional game. We know FSU has more talent at every spot than JSU. GA So probably isn’t much better. I’m confident this staff will have the team ready, but it’s gonna be hard to get them back to earth today, especially with A&M coming up right behind.


I am very concerned about this game. Good underrated opponent and an emotional let down could spell trouble. As for FSU, that program has a lot of problems right now. I wonder what the kid from Conway that signed with them is thinking right now?

Florida Atlantic beat GSU by 30 last week so they can’t be very good. But any time you play a team with a weird offense it’s a bit concerning. Whip them at the line of scrimmage, though, and we should be fine.

Georgia Southern is getting their starting QB back who has been suspended. They are a heavy option team that does not throw the ball very well. They want to control the clock and shorten games, and require a lot of discipline on defense. Having veteran LBs should help with that problem, and the DL rotation we’ve got going is also helpful.

Their defense got absolutely torched by FAU, both on the ground and in the air.

They got embarrassed last week, and they are getting their big chance on an SEC team. My guess is they play really well, at least for a while. I also am guessing we can’t help but be a little flat in what looks like a trap game before we play the Aggies.

So, it actually could be a dog fight this week where we have to make plays late to win the game. I think that we would still be pretty likely to win, simply because of the way the team reacted in the second half against Rice, and the talent difference.

On the other hand, we have a fairly wide margin for error, and Georgia Southern has almost none. If they don’t clean up mental mistakes and avoid turnovers, they could get blown out early.

Or Leach…
Or Kiffin….
Or anyone else that may or may not have been a serious candidate.

Regardless of how this season plays out, we have the right man leading the program.


Amen. I’m thrilled with CSP. The only thing I hate about the Pittman hire is that we didn’t do it sooner. By his age Broyles had already retired from coaching. I hope Sam is good for a long time to come.


If we had hired Norvelle, we would have been in year 4 of the Norvelle era. I suspect we would not have had the two miserable seasons that Chad gave us, but I doubt that he would have us where we are right now. Sam has been an unexpected blessing. I think we hit the jackpot with him.


I won’t get into a discussion about the names of those rumored to be the next coach when Sam was hired. They were good choices and we were a bad situation at the time.

As to age, he is about the age where Saban was when he began the run he is now on. Not saying Sam is Nick but both spent alot of time getting to where they found their ideal job and both love doing what they do . I look forward to Sam being the Head coach at Arkansas for a long time.


Well he’s four years younger than me and I ain’t old! I see no reason why Sam can’t keep doing this for another 7-10 years then hand it off to one of the Barry’s.

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Norvell will get the Noles right.

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why? Is he applying to be their band director?

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He should be able to find a few wins among the lower level of the ACC, but they still have North Carolina, Clemson NC State, Miami and Florida to play, plus a game at Boston College in late November(FSU does not play in cold weather much or typically very well). He needs to win more than four games this year or the seat is going to be very toasty.

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man, you are so right! when we hired Chad, I really wanted Norvell, if we couldn’t get Campbell ( the toledo/Iowa state HC).

we heard the rumors of norvells off-field issues. then he was caught blatantly lying about speaking to “each player individually” about police violence, I think, last year, then had to meet with them all and attempt to mend fences. I haven’t thought about him, and hadn’t even realized they were 0-2. man, that looks like a bad hire for FSU.


I’ve thought about that sort of thing several times over the past few years. I always ask myself if the Petrino hire was worth it. He took us from a so-so SEC program to a scoop & score away from beating Ohio St in the Sugar in 2010 & into the top 5 in 2011. Yet his personal behavior led to a string of problems that gave us 8 years of the worst football in UA history. The good: he showed we can still be an elite program. The bad: he started us on our ride to the bottom.

Had we hired any number of people in 2017 we’d have avoided the two worst years of Razorback football ever. No one would have done worse than Morris. OTOH, we probably would not have stumbled into hiring what might be our best hire since Broyles. Maybe I’m being premature here, but based on results so far & the way the players & recruits react to him, I can’t help but think we’ve hit a homerun.


Early in year two of a program that’s been in shambles. Let’s revisit this in year three and four. I bet the program is headed in the right direction.

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You do realize you said he’d get the “notes” right, don’t you, Richard?

LOL. I do now.

This Arkansas team has a lot of character and maturity. They have tasted victory and appear to like it a lot. They will not overlook this team.

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