Glad to see the state of Mississippi eliminated

especially M$U and Reggie Perry.

I enjoyed every second of that Miss State loss. Cheaters can suck it. Auburn was lucky not to lose as well.

Yep, all of that recruiting money couldn’t even get a 1st round win against “Liberty University”.
Hope the Perry’s enjoy all of this new found prosperity in the lovely Starkville, MS.
Reminds me of the age old saying “Cheaters never prosper”.

Go Hogs!

Don’t understand how they got the #5 seed. With that they had received a favorable draw. Schools from Mississippi are done.

I’m glad to see Miss St put out of the dance too! I was rooting for Ole Miss it would have been nice to see the Rebels play on! Kermit Davis is a good coach whom has paid his dues!
What I would really enjoy would be for 16 seed Iona take down #1 seed N. Carolina.
Now we all know that won’t happen the refs will get the win if it’s close.

Heartily agree with you, Navy. I don’t like to see the state of Mississippi win anything!

I love it and hope Florida/KY are next…

Give Liberty credit–
with an effective game plan and controlled the tempo…
MSU had the size and quickness …
The Flames hit 3 pointers and free throws
for the win…

Before we were married my wife was a Mississippi State gal and I told her beforehand no bells in the house lol it took all of six months to her calling the hogs… simply put I’m glad to see both Ole Miss and $tate loose

Well, guess I march to a different tune. I never pull against one of our conference teams when they are playing someone besides us. These losses make our conference look bad. Well, deep down I probably pull for anyone that is playing Kentucky

I can see that mentality but when they literally bribed a recruit who had called Arkansas his dream school and would likely have made our team a top 25 team had they not paid him off…they got what they had coming. I just wish Perry was good enough to go pro so their payoff wouldn’t have earned them much but next year he will be a force

I generally don’t root against another SEC Team except in certain circumstances:
SEC Team buying a committed AR recruit - Miss St this year.
SEC Team buys our in state recruits - KY in the recent past.

Glad Miss St & Reggie & Mom went down early.