Glad to be wrong

In the passion and pain of those two winnable losses (MO, VAN), I just couldn’t see how this team is going to win on the road (LSU, SC, AU, FL); and doubtful if we can beat OM, GA, and to lesser extent TAM at home. So I am jumping for joy over the win at LSU. For now it rekindled our hopes for the Dance again. Then again we are back on the blackboard; we must win the remainder of the winnable games to keep the hope alive. We must win at AU, and all three home games. We are now 7-5, 18-7; that put us at 11-7 SEC, 22-9 overall. I think we also need at least one wins in SEC Tourney to make it to the dance; provided no more set-back. What do you think?

I think people that are wrong should refrain from posting after our next loss.

Then I be right; and I am afraid that is the most likelihood of scenarios.

I don’t say this to denigrate anyone. Just a random thought I had:

Predicting negative outcomes for your favorite sports team is a pretty safe position. If one’s negative prediction comes to pass, then you were correct. If one’s negative prediction is incorrect, then you get to bask in the glory of your team’s performance.

Kind of a no lose situation from a personal standpoint. It never feels good when your team loses but if you called it then you’re the smart guy in the room.

There’s a chance nobody else in the room wants to be around you but that’s for another post. :wink: