Glad The Tech Week is Over...

As I hold degrees both from LA Tech AND Arkansas. And my firstborn moves into the dorm tomorrow at Tech. We were both pulling for the Hogs, fwiw. This has been a stressful week around here, much like LSU week(but not really bc we have to live with 2 LSU fans in the house when we HATE LSU).
I’m looking forward to watching both teams have good seasons going forward. Tech has a good team & played well enough to have won yesterday. We will see #5 for Tech on Sunday’s next year. Nobody was able to cover him last year.
Hope our offense & defense get their act together this week, especially the Oline.

I was in the same boat. I found it a strangely emotionless affair watching the game as if total destructive interference had occurred in my emotion centers. I think I’m happy with the outcome. It depends on how the two seasons go from here. Hopefully both teams win a lot of games so that neither is hurt by the outcome.