Glad it is over , sad and happy for Mike

I feel a sense of relief that I don’t have to log in and be subjected to debate over firing Mike every day. Since Chad Morris will be given at least 3 more years, hopefully we won’t have to read about firing either FB or BB coach for 3 years. What a relief!

I am sad for Mike and his players for how it ended. He Is a good man and a very good coaching mind that ran a clean program.

At the same time I am happy for Mike. I had said when he was hired that it was a bad career move for him to leave Missouri where he had established the program at the level where he could recruit big from and come home where he did not have full support from the get go, He is now free of those shackles, can start somewhere clean and bail out another program. He bailed out three and he can do it again.
He will be much happier elsewhere and have a healthier and longer life.

Finally, a tweet from Gafford really bothered me. He tweeted “it is amazing how Coach A coached through all that hate” That meant players were aware of what we have been discussing regarding social media and talk shows. So they themselves played through all that. Not good.

Also if Mike was still here, next season was going to be tension packed with debate after each loss over Mike’s future. Now, we can all relax and watch the season unfold. There will be no pressure to make NCAAT next season and maybe one after that.

Definitely a sense of relief.

I agree with almost of of this PJ. The only part I question is the ability to make the tournament. It will be expected by some and required by a few. I for one will just hold out hope, as I have every year.

Fixed it for you. The new coach is not going to get a honeymoon. Especially at

Make the tournament with who? Unless the BOT and HY can truly create some miracle hire, I expect a mass exodus of players. Harris unlikely to transfer as he’d lose a year but I’d say all others are questions to return. Joe, Sills, Jones, Chaney, Hill…we could easily be looking at an entirely new team again.

Not sure it needed fixed. I don’t believe the rants on message boards are a true reflection of a fan base. Could be wrong. The average fan just wants their team to win and supports whoever the coach is. Not everyone is up to date on everything as board members on here and other sites like to believe they are.

Well said, PJ, agree with all of this.

Next season probably won’t have many wins, unless all current key players stay and we add a big or 2, but at least we can watch a coach build a program. Again. Man, this needs to be a good hire!