Glad I stayed up to watch this game....

Missouri played hard for their lame duck coach and won in overtime.

Always fun to watch Bruce Pearl lose.

There was some real bone head things for Auburn to throw that one away

I’ve always thought that any basketball coach should get four years. Unless of course, he is running a dirty program or bringing in too many bad actors. Mizzou basketball has been a dumpster fire since Mike left. Yes I know Haith had two good regular seasons, but the foundation was crumbling. I think K. Anderson has shorn up that foundation and is in position to build on it. Oh well, it’s not my problem. I don’t mind seeing them flounder for several more years.

I can’t imagine they have much in the tank after overtime so I don’t see them as much of a threat to OM. I hope they push OM hard and wear on them.

Ole Miss needs to apply pressure and make shots in order to build a lead. Missouri will fight. If it’s close it’s not good for Ole Miss. Saez needs to stay out of foul trouble and own the glass. The free throw line may be the difference in the game and Ole Miss should have the advantage on the line. Please Ole Miss win.