Glad DVH is putting heat on Bonfield

said on pregame he wants him to be more aggresive and on the verge of being sat down,batting 5th today behind Kjerstad

I like that, too.

I don’t disagree, but I can think of at least two coaches on our campus during 2017-18 who would have been roundly criticized for throwing Bonfield under the bus if they said something like that.

Time to sit him down and maybe Fletcher.

Fletcher at least goes up there to hit it!!

That’s why I love DVH…he doesn’t give a damn. This is big boy competition. Wish Mike did more of it.

I agree–both in what DVH said and what Swine said. I’d be interested to hear what those who were quick to jump on the other coaches when they said similar things have to say about DVH. I don’t think he threw Bonfield under the bus, nor do I think the others did, either. Sometimes, a coach has to be able to call players out.

DVH did what all great coaches SHOULD do,he told him the truth! you better start hitting or you going to be on the bench!! you can’t have guy batting cleanup going 1 for 21 and sitting there taking gut pitches…

Fine line between criticism and teaching.

Usually, which term used comes down to simply whether the poster likes the coach or not.

LOL whether the poster likes the coach!! I love DVH because he does what you should do,guy is struggling you tell him he better get it going becasue we other options,especially if you were referring to me it had nothing to do with criticism or teaching it was telling him you are on the verge being on the bench,player can decide how he takes it,either way you better start getting the job done!! all coaches have had many of these type discussions becasue sometimes players can get to feeling comfortable especially a SR.

I completely agree with Dudley on his comment. Furthermore, I didn’t read it as being directed toward any specific person/poster. Just a comment relevant to the subject matter being discussed (by several) in this thread.

FYI, I am no apologist for Dudley, Clay or anyone else. Over the years, I have disagreed with both and so posted, from time to time. Just call 'em as I see 'em. And in this case, it really wasn’t about you at all, youdaman.

Agree. I love DVH but there’s a fine line between being agreessive and trying to do too much and swinging at bad pitches (or being aggressive and running yourself out of an inning and losing by a run).

Bonfield is really struggling. That’s not some mystery to him. He didn’t have to hear it on the news from DVH to want to do better. My guess is he will pull out of it and have some big hits the rest of the season–bc he’s a good, proven hitter–not because the coach decided to gig him when he was already down.

But, hey, rip away because it makes us feel better when the team collectively blows a series.

I also agree with others–there are a few coaches who would have been (or were) roasted for much less than that.

Speaking generally.

You should know by now that if I am speaking to or about someone, I make it very clear by using the poster’s name or his quote.

That being said, I stand behind my comment.

Well, we do have a guy named Cole Turney who’s supposed to be pretty good and I would think he is close to being ready to play some ball.

At Swatter’s Club, said pretty much the same thing. He said he wanted him to take a clean-up hitter’s approach and swing at more pitches. He’s taking pitches like a lead-off man now. Dave just is repeating what he already has told Luke.

Clearly Dave reads this board & gets his ideas here. :lol:

I really cringe anytime I see us take a FASTBALL down the middle because in this league you only get so many hittable pitches especially with the power we have.I can understand getting fooled by a breaking ball because you are taught to look for Fastball and adjust to offspeed but we take a lot of great fastballs and with our power I can’t understand what they are doing or looking for.