Giving Colgate the brush-off

My wife and I are all charged up for Colgate. She is wearing Razorback earrings (and this is a North Carolina woman who at her first Razorback pep rally, when she asked what they were saying, and I said “Woo, Pig, Sooie!”, did not believe me at first, she thought I was kidding). And for good luck against Colgate, I am not taking any chances, until we give them a pasting I am not brushing my teeth.

Use Crest. I do.

But this is from a guy who refuses to wash clothes in Tide.

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Yep Crest all the way

Good to have Hog fans in good spirits,you guys are putting a sparkle in my smile this morning and hope it lasts all day. WPS

If they go zone, Moses will have no problem drilling shots from the cavity formed by that defense.

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I did floss and use mouthwash before the game. We got in a big hole, and I was Crest fallen, but the end result was very full filling. Going to brush my teeth now.

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I think we used Sensodyne late in the first half.

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