Given the recruiting class on the way, how many would have taken 2-10.............................

…and been glad of it if you had that choice in the pre-season? Anyone out there wishing we had a 6-6 team and another typical (post Pittman) Bielema recruiting class on the way? Anyone?

No one in their right mind expected this group returning to be anywhere near the talent level that HDN inherited from Ford in his first season. No Anthony Lucas, no Clint Stoerner, no Brandon Burlsworth, no Kenoy Kennedy, no Joe Dean Davenport, and no Madre Hill. Now, there are “legends in thier own mind” fans acting like they want to “throw the baby out with the bath water”, questioning his hiring and if Chad Morris knows how to coach. He is an acknowledged master at the offensive system that the majority of high school offensive stars want to play. He, Caldwell and Chavis have proven, already, to be far better recruiters than Holtz, HDN, Petrino, or Bielema’s staffs by a very long shot. All he needs is our support and patience enough to let him get it all changed on the hill. Didn’t go from the cellar to the penthouse this year and won’t in the near future, but there is a huge step in building a strong foundation for a competitive program in next year’s class. Let him add 2-3 more classes to that and we may be like Kentucky, Clemson, Missouri, and many others, Arkansas may be glad we gave the coaches time to build their program the right way.

Personally I will and see just how good this class coming is and others as well. One good thing is, when you are at the bottom of the well you cannot go any lower. But there is a lot more to it than systems, attitudes and stars assigned…
An old saying says, I’ll let you know in a couple of years.

You are right that stars don’t guarantee success, but the schools with lots of stars in their recruiting classes are a lot more successful than the ones without many stars. Your odds of success on the field go up bigtime when you compete well in recruiting. JMVVVVVHO

To me, it’s not so much about 2-10 as it appears that the team has given up. That is sad. And, I worry that might be a better indicator of 2019 results than the apparent nice prospect list.

Pulley certainly looked like he was “going through the motions” out there and I thought this before I heard he was hitting on the MSU cheerleaders before the game. I told my wife that he was lowering his future pro value bigtime with his half-hearted tackles and lazy coverage.

I don’t think so. While I don’t excuse the apparent “I quit” attitude some of these players appear to have, I don’t think it will carry over to next year. It’s tough to give it your best effort when you’re 2-8. Next year starts a clean slate. Also, some of those who have quit are seniors who know it’s all over for them. They’re setting bad examples, but they’re right, it’s all over for them. They’ll be gone & will be replaced with players who I hope (& believe) will have a new attitude. Coupled with what appears to be a very good recruiting class, I see us being much better next year. (Of course 6-6 is “much better,” but maybe we’ll be better than that.)