Given the added assistant for this year

does anyone know how Coach Morris plans on parceling out the 10
assistant jobs? 5 on O and 5 on D?? true dedicated ST coach instead?

We have OC, OL, WR and seemingly TE if that is all Lunney is expected to do. Who has QB and who has RB? any probable combo jobs? HC is going to be how involved on O?

Craddock was a spread option QB at MTSU which is a Spurrier/Stockstill thing, obviously out of shotgun with a lot of RPO. Who coaches the nuances of position could get more involved that superficial assumption.

True ST coach with no O or D responsibility? if not then how many defensive specialitsts and what position groups?

It is a new year with 10 rather than the traditional 9 assistant coaches.

I expect Joe Craddock will coach QBs. I also think there is a good chance Jeff Traylor will be added as RBs coach after SMU’s bowl game.

I would be surprised if the 10th position is not used on defense. Perhaps it will be a hybrid position like John L. Smith had on Bobby Petrino’s staff. He coached a defensive position and coordinated special teams.

Read where Sonny Dykes was going to coach Smu’s bowl game . If so, could Traylor come sooner?

Read where Sonny Dykes was going to coach Smu’s bowl game . If so, could Traylor come sooner?[/quote:30isivsa]

Being reported by some news guys that Traylor has accepted a job here

Wondering how CM will handle special teams. Looks like the tight ends coach was also the ST coordinator, but he’s apparently not coming to UA. A tenth assistant does give flexibility to do something different with ST as well as different positional coaching assignments; 10 coaches into 22 positions equals 2.2 positions per coach. You might have one guy coaching cornerbacks and another with safeties, for instance.