Given our weakness at the 4

And with no athletic 6’8-6’9 banger on the way next year. Do you think that MA might go with a 3 guard + Hall or Garland lineup next year? I assume the 5 will be manned by the combo of Thompson and Gafford. It will be good to have those versatile, athletic mid-size guys. We’ve been missing that for some time now.

I don’t think there will be any significant changes at the 4 spot. Both Cook and Thomas have shown flashes of being pretty good. I expect them both to be improved next year, especially Cook. Then, I think you’ll see a little bit of both Bailey and Hall play the 4 in some smaller lineups as well. Also, Brachen Hazen may surprise us and have a good off-season and push for some minutes at the 4 spot as well.

I would say an early guess to lineups next year will be…

Gafford/Thompson/2017 Spring Signee

We need a good 3 and a 4. We have Moses Kingsley…that is it. No 3 or 4 studs…none.

Look at Florida. Now that is a front line. They just dominated us at the basket.

I don’t understand why we can’t get talent at the 3 or 4.

Cook was a 4-star, Thomas was a former top 150 guy. But both Cook and Thomas this is their first year playing for Arkansas, it takes time. I think they’ll both be fine, and be even better a year from now. Those Florida guys you speak are seasoned guys, you gotta remember they haven’t been that great the past 2 years. They had to go through their learning curve same as our guys will.

Then again the Vols had an undersized 3-4 true Freshman who ate our lunch last night.

We need a 3 and a 4 this year, not next year, if we are going to make any noise in the SEC and the NCAA’s. We can’t wait for next year. This is year 6 for Mike.

If Moses gets in foul trouble at Kentucky…it will get really ugly.

Not sure what you mean by a “3” it’s basically the same position as our “2” we run a 3 guard 2 forward lineup, which most teams in the country do. Even Kentucky runs that. Their guy that you would consider the “3” is Isiah Briscoe who is 6’3 210. And our guards have been pretty good this year, not sure there is much to complain about with them.

As far as our 4’s again we got 2 new guys playing that position. They’ll get better as we go. Neither is a bad player by any measure, I agree they could be better, but understand it takes time.

A 3 is a small forward. We are a pretty solid team this year. Our main weakness, in my view, is the lack of bodies and talent at the forward position, whether power or small. We are loaded with guards, thus we start 3. If we were loaded at the forward position, we wouldn’t start 3 guards. Manny would be a sub.

If we had us a stud forward, we might do some really good things this year. It is an obvious weakness, in my view.

That is all I am trying to say.

Gotcha, but you do know small forwards are rare in college basketball right? Texas A&M is the only team that comes to mind in the SEC that starts a traditional SF in the starting lineup. And they aren’t doing too well right now.

Florida: Devin Robinson (6-8, 200), Justin Leon (6-8, 206) and Canyon Barry (6-6, 215) play the three. Surprised you forgot them. Or the others.

Alabama: Riley Notice (6-7, 205).

Auburn: Mustapha Heron (6-5, 250), T.J. Lang (6-7, 210).

South Carolina: P.J. Dozier (6-6, 205).

Vanderbilt: Joe Toye (6-7, 208).

Florida and Alabama do start traditional SF I’ll give you that. But the rest you mentioned doesn’t. Mustapha Heron on Auburn is a guard, he is 215 not 250, I don’t see any service that lists him as a forward, and he plays like a guard, and Bryce Brown normally starts for Auburn, but got in trouble and just now came back, that’s why Lang is starting, I’ve watched a lot of Auburn this year. PJ Dozier is a guard as well, he’ll be a 2 guard when he’s in the NBA. Joe Toye doesn’t start for Vanderbilt, or hasn’t during conference play, they start with a 3 guard lineup in Willis, LaChance, and Fisher-Davis.

But, Regardless, like I was saying not many people use a traditional SF in college basketball, 3 guard lineups is the norm. 3 teams out of 14 in the SEC use a traditional SF and 2 of them aren’t very good teams, or haven’t been thus far.