Give those not excited by this hire time...

The majority of Razorback’s fans are not familiar with Coach Morris and their knowledge only extends to his Win/Loss record at SMU.

This is not a sexy (well known) hire but it’s THE RIGHT HIRE.

His acceptance could be accelerated by signing a few difference maker’s on the recruiting front.

In the meantime try not to fight venom with venom (show patience)…after all we’re all Razorback’s.

I am pumped good coach . He has shown at SMU he can build a program, and recruit Tx. Those are what we need

He has the connections to get the talent out of Texas that it takes to win. He’s a winner!

I’m behind any Razorback coach, let’s see what happens.

guys pull up his bio, very very impressive…

I am happy as can be that we hired him. He is an ICON of Texas HS football. He gets beat up for a 7-5 record but everyone forgets that he was at a PRIVATE school with a 28 ACT min for entry. He also took over a 1-11 team and turned it around with a bunch of high GPA athletes.

Thank you

I need time - he may be exactly what Arkansas needs

Marty’s post to another poster was spot on - when she pointed out many would not have been impressed with JFB hire back in the day - true statement

TY for that post Marty

Me - I’ve listened to much to the hype too many times - I’m now simply looking for perfrormance

I dont expect anything but pain this first year

It’s another total retooling

I expect more poor defense but by year two I hope to see life in the offense

I hope to see orgazationsl and motivational improvement year one - that’s all

I hope to see more east Texas kids on the roster year two

Year three 2020 we will see a clear glide path down or a climbing rate up

I do have one thing that has come out of all of this - I want to beat Auburn more than any school in the SEC

We need to destroy Gus and destroy his ability to influence recuting or policy in Arkansad

He must be defeated and made inconsequential

Guys it s a great hire!! He gets glowing remarks from Dabo and Venebles! Dabo has said in the past he gets a lot of credit for making clemson what they are today!! took their offense and made it unstoppable 3 straight 10 win seasons! is a legend in Texas with HS coaches! what’s not to iike?? oh yeah the losing record!! smh! you do realize you have to have a 28 on the SAT to get in don’t you?? don’t know about you but that would have kept me out!

He is a great offensive coach and if we can give him the money to hire a great DC we are going to be fine! that and getting a QB to implement his system(not sure we have it right now) we are going to score because we got RB’sa nd WR’s

relax and enjoy the moment and beside Gus who else could we have got to come given the state of our program

All fans would be well served to go in to the Morris tenure - or any other tenure for that matter - with a dose of skepticism. One can be supportive and hopeful without designating a new coach as the second coming of Vince Lombardi.

All we can ask is fans is that the new coach works extremely hard and has a smart plan he’s working to implement. Based on what I’ve read about him I certainly expect this will be the case. Of course, the question is how successful will be in implementing his plan? Time will tell, but I’m hopeful he will have success.

nobody designating him as the 2nd coming of Vince Lombardi but a lot of fans look at nothing but w-L record without really knowing anything about him.I am very cautious right now because our OL will have to be MUCH better or any system will struggle also we have to get a QB that can operate the plan.

Arkansas fans, moreso than just about any fanbase, should know about a HC who is sailing a sinking ship. We saw what happened with Smile for 8 months. Took CBB two-plus years to get things back on track (sadly, didn’t stay there). June Jones was AWOL, in effect, for 18 months before finally quitting mid-season. At SMU, there isn’t enough raw talent to hold up to the mantra “get by on talent alone”.

If we had hired him straight out of Clemson he wouldn’t have been as expensive but he would have created a more unified, positive vibe.

I am excited! And, I’m too old to be a pessimist from day one any more. Had that with Heath. Don’t want it again.