Give this Coaching Staff Time

Yes, I said last night that they were what beat us. But they also have a learning curve with these players that are new to them, including the psyche of these players. Maybe this staff can instill a more competitive, positive mindset in these guys, instead of the negative losing vibe we had last year? I know last night it apeeared the same ole, same ole from last year, but let’s see what adjustments this staff has now in coaching.

I don’t want to fire anyone. This staff needs to recruit its own,players for its system &then we shall see. We all knew it would be a rough year. We just need a little hope that it will get better. Appears it will be down the road. Hate it for these seniors, because I don’t see a single SEC win this year.

I agree. We have to pray they get this worked out. A Citadel reaction would be the death of our program.

I have bought in to CCM and his assistants. Now we have had the chance to evaluate in game coaching decisions. We very simply went away from what was working. Any good experienced coach would know better. You go away from what is working when, and only when, the opponent forces you to. CCM to OC, “keep running the ball at them until they stop us.”
CCM, the Hog fans have been thru a lot, you could lose us.