Give the Devils their due

Satan’s boys were the better team tonight. Proud of this team and the amazing season they had. Outside of T&F, our natties have come 30 years apart. 64 and 94. I’m thinking in 24 either Muss or DVH will get the next one.


Yep. But I will never, ever respect Coach K. Never.


Hawgs have nothing to be ashamed of. They represented themselves very well. Credit Duke. They are a different team then when they lost that last game to NC.

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Don’t fear the reaper Wiz!

I had forgotten how great that song was. Even in the awful accoustical environment of Barton of the best bass lines ever!

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I was there in Barton when BOC played there and had the lazer show before the lasers were banned. Right up front.

Rush opened for them, the night I saw them. Great show from what I remember of it. Though Barton is probably my least favorite basketball and music venue of all time. That place was meant for livestock and nothing else!

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