Give me your reason why

We should be optimistic about football under coachB?

Because THAT is the way we are!!! Now tell me why we shouldn’t!!!

Oh crap. Start of a totally unproductive thread. I won’t read it from this point forward. I hope it dies from lack of interest.

First I want to hear your reason why I shouldn’t be optimistic about the Razorbacks.


If you’re gonna troll, OP, at least be a little creative.


There’s your reason

A step back in year 4.

The team looks comparable to year 1 and year 2 in year 5. Not a good trend, easier to say he has plateaued or peaked at year 3, than to show progress. OL and Defense are bad. Consistent coaching problems during the game.

If you take the magical glasses off, you’ll see what the rest of the SEC sees, we just are at the bottom. We should be better than we are, the sooner CBB realizes his style will never work at Arkansas the quicker we get there.

I actually think we are close to getting the ship righted and on the right track. I am just not certain CBB can put us over to a higher level. Power football works at Stanford, Wisconsin, is working now at Georgia, and can work at Arkansas. Vanderbilt is having more success by turning to power running. The reason Georgia hired our o-line coach and tried to hire our offensive coordinator was not to install a hurry up no huddle offense. Wisconsin used CBB’s system to beat LSU last year. CBB’s system can work, but we may have to hire a better recruiter to make it work in the SEC west.

I am frustrated that we are starting freshmen and grad transfers in CBB’s 5th year like it is his first and the cupboard is bare because the prior coach could not recruit enough talent. If they have another disappointing finish to this season like last year, I think CBB needs to go. If he can turn this season around and finish strong, I think he gets one more year to put it together. JMVVVVVVHO.

I’m on the same page as you.

I think this roster has talent, and can be much better than it is. It kills me that in year 5 we are hoping for a bowl game as best case scenario, we should win 9 games by year 5, nothing less. Especially considering how vulnerable the SEC currently is.

I like CBB, I think he’s a fine man. I honestly do not think he can get us over the hump though. As Barry Alvarez said, this is a what have you done for me lately business, not what have you done in the past. I could not care less about his Wisconsin record, I am not, nor will I ever be a Wisconsin fan, so why do we have to be constantly reminded of it.

As far as I’m concerned his record is 26-28 and 10-23.

Maybe he can get t done, but it would probably take abandoning his entire game philosophy. The 3 yards and a cloud of dust is not going to work at Arkansas. As you mentioned it would take much better recruiting. I like Rhoads, I think he’s a solid D.C., I know the defense is garbage once again but I think he’s overall better than Robb Smith, maybe he will have a decent defense next year.

I don’t know what some of you guys are watching, but I don’t see a 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense. It’s a balanced offense that scored 43 points against A&M and 42 against a lesser Aggies’ team. When the offense is stifled, like against TCU, it’s because neither the run game nor the pass game is working because in this offense, the one plays against the other. The downfall to the offense is the overall play of the offensive line, which is a major disappointment. And the second downfall of the offense is poor overall defensive play, which makes the offense try to win a shootout. CBB’s philosophy with Coach Enos at the helm is anything but three yards and a cloud of dust. And it’ll work here as well as anywhere else.

This makes it hard to take anything you say seriously. Last year we ran for 164 and passed for 264 yards a game. This year so far it’s 205 and 203. That’s 3 yards and a cloud of dust? Give me a break…

10-23 in SEC

Four straight losses to Power 5 conference teams

A coach who pledged to build strong defensive and offensive lines in now year 5 and both are mediocre at best

Since he’s been here Arkansas is 63rd out of 65 power 5 teams in win percentage in one score games

Shall I go on?

But if I take the magical glasses off, I will be in danger of being constantly bitter about the team I have loved and supported for 65 years, win, lose or draw. I will turn into just another harridan-like hater who can never see anything from a positive point of view. Now, exactly WHY do you think I would want to do that?

Very disappointed in the recruiting at of all places, linemen. We seem to have decent talent at the skills and the offense is pretty wide open. Certainly not what many think. I still would like to know why this staff failed to recruit SEC linemen in numbers (they have a few) needed to go through the SEC (that is at leaast 2 deep).

Give him some linemen and he will win (same could be said for any coach). the question is why are they not there now and will they be there and if so when?

I guess it all depends on your own point of view. If people feel optimistic and feel like progress is being made and we are headed in the right direction, alright. They clearly have a different perspective than me. I haven’t seen and still don’t see any reason to feel optimistic about being a top 20 team and consistently being competitive enough to compete for conference championships. I clearly don’t see what some on here are seeIng.

There is absolutely no excuse for this program to be in the shape it is in during the 5th season under any coach. Lineman were supposed to be Bielema’s specialty. Producing good to great lineman is the thing he prides himself on. Our line play is subpar on both sides of the ball.
Having to start a walk on true freshman on the OL speaks volumes about his failure to produce great lineman and line play. I could careless what he did at Wisconsin or if a couple of lineman hasn’t panned out that other big schools wanted. It isn’t like we fell on some really bad luck and was hit with a rash of injuries among the lineman. That would be understandable and easily excused.

We are in year five, can’t blame the previous staff for this. This is all Bielema. Whether it’s poor evaluations or not coaching the talent up, doesn’t matter, it all falls at the feet of the head coach. He gets credit for winning and deserves all the criticism for losing. I’m beginning to lean toward when he was at Wisconsin Alvarez was the puppet master and guiding the ship. Maybe that’s why Bielema left Wisconsin. Maybe he wanted to get out from under Alvarez and prove to himself and everyone else that he could win at a high level on his own and it just hasn’t worked out that way for him. I think it’s very fair to draw a informed sensible opinion on where a program stands and is likely headed by year five under any coach.

It is my opinion that Bielema is a average to decent coach at best. I think he is a 7 win a year on average coach. Arkansas has to much tradition and history to settle for mediocrity, in my humble opinion. This was once a proud program and respected by all. Why would the UA pay someone over 4 million a year to wallow in mediocrity? If the goal is to just be average and not strive for excellence then I think they could get much better value for that than what they are paying now. I’m sure they can find someone who won’t win for much less than they are paying Bielema. If anyone feels optimistic about the program and where it is going under Bielema, then enjoy your virtual reality world. Next year will be the year and so on and so on.

I started thinking last year that Bielema was Houston Nutt 2.0. The truth is, Houston was more successful as HC here than Bielema is as HC. People can keep on asking questions about why this and that isn’t working and debating what should or shouldn’t be changed all day everyday. Why certain players hasn’t panned out. Do we need a change in philosophy? Do we need to hire another coordinator or position coach? Its anything and everything, except for the one person that is responsible for it all.

Most people want to give people the benefit of the doubt and allow them the time and provide the support needed to get things operating as it should be. I need a new offensive coordinator, that’s the problem. I need a new defensive coordinator, that’s the problem. There comes a point to where it is painfully obvious where the real problem lyes. I think in year five it should be pretty clear what the problem is. I pull for every single coach at the UA to be successful. I don’t care who the coach is, I just want to win. I’m not saying win at all costs, but I do want to win.
I think with the population of Arkansas, it puts us at a definitive disadvantage in recruiting.
We are not one of the current popular name brand schools that is competing for and winning championships. I think with our inherent disadvantages, it will take a exceptional coach to get the program to where I know the majority of fans want it to be. A coach that has a eye for talent and can get that talent. A coach that can coach up the talent on hand and defeat more talented teams through scheme and making game time adjustments. Those kind of coaches aren’t a dime a dozen, but they are out there. I don’t think Bielema is on that level as a HC. We know it can be done here becuase it has been done.

JL can’t clam that the objective is to win a championship and continue driving a pinto in a race against Ferrari’s & Lamborghinis. For those claiming that they want to win at a high level and yet are willfully settling for what is clearly mediocrity, I say don’t piss down my pants leg and tell me it’s raining.

If there has ever been a better post on this board I don’t remember it …bravo sir.

You’re going to make me blush. (lol) I don’t know how great the post is, but after reading through the thread, I couldn’t help myself and had to add my two cents. Thanks for the kind words.

How can people continue to say they like the coach and he is a good man when he threw a kicker under the bus? Good leaders don’t do that. That was so disappointing.

Because I live life in an optimistic fashion. That also pertains to HOGS in every sport.
Rather than the doom n gloom perspective I see a lot of around here.

When one considers the current live commentary that
is endless on major news networks and social media,
it is difficult to wade through the extreme bias that is
indeed very negative and darkly pessimistic.

If that continues to spread to sports venues, I will
spend even less time viewing and more time reading.

Nevertheless, go Hogs and beat those uhh bad guys.