Give me Oklahoma over TCU today!

I’d really love for TCU to whip OK to a frenzy, but if they did Bama would surge into the top four and play for their Millioneth National Championship. Woe to us non-Bama Tuscaloosans if that were to happen. So GO OK!! (and forgive me, please, but I have good reason)

Yea, i’m With you. Don’t want Bama in the final 4. You, me and Lane Kiffin will be happy.

Can’t pull for Zero U and their punk qb.

Me either. Want TCU to knock them out of the playoffs.

gotta think the SEC getting two shots at the title, meaning Bama gets in, is better for the conf overall. guess I would like to see them make the final four, then in an SEC rematch, UGA/AU scorches them.