Give me Mike Norvell

Give him money to bring back Chip Long to Arkansas. One of the best recruiters in the country and not a bad OCord.

Give him money to bring in a good DCord, Chavis will be out at Texas AM.

Then fill his staff with coaches that have a PROVEN RESUME of recruiting in the states that Arkansas must recruit from in order to be successful in the SEC. I have screamed that Coach B do the same, and it has eventually cost him. proven resume doesn’t mean coaching at Texas Tech for 2 years or coaching at Purdue for a year and recruiting Texas.


I agree except for Chavis, who’s past his prime.

Thats who I want also, I think we need a young mind to come in and get this program back trending up…

I really like Norvell

I agree 100% with everything you said Jeremiah. And young coaches like Norvell need experienced coaches around like Chavis. Who is a great DC.

I would be fine with that Jeremiah. Just please, no St. Gus.

hopefully we get an A D soon before somebody else signs Norvell

He’ll be coaching on championship weekend … may give us a bit more time.

Norvell likely as good or potentially better than many of the up and comers our BOT has relegated the program towards. Seems ok.

Wish the board put as much ego into fixing the systemic recruiting deficiencies last 25 years.

CBB sealed his own fate by her hiring a bunch of NFL gofers instead of able body assistants who have recruiting relationships in the high schools.

Give me Norvell and pay for a proven DC who recruits want to play for.

Baumbastic, I almost always agree with you.

But I would take Gus right now if it prevented Leach from even getting a sniff.

Totally agree. Norvell along with a budget for top notch assistants would be a homerun hire for us.

I’d like to see Norvell, too. He’s got Memphis in the top 25. I don’t recall when that’s happened—or at least not in November. I’d really prefer him over Malzahn, but rumors sure are strong that he’s a done deal. (Of course, I’ve heard about “done deals” before that didn’t materialize, so this might be one of them.). One thing is pretty certain, Gus’s Springdale fan club thinks he’s coming.

Hope he’s playing us snd it’s Norvell…

That wouldn’t bother me one bit. I do not want Gus.

I’m good with Norvell he’s proving himself worthy of a opportunity to step up to another level. It does seem that most all the teams they have played this year have scored around 27 points, would like to see him find a good young D cordinator who would relate to the players better and have longevity hopefully. MN might give us a better chance to land G. Bohannon, I’m just not sure CK is our answer at Qb. I also would prefer Gus over Leach. WPS

My favorite candidate also. For some reason I just am not comfortable with one faction controlling everything. Divisive. But I guess the Gus bus faction will not be happy if he is not hired. Norvell is young, contains no baggage. Runs a very good offense. I’ll pull for Hawgs no matter the coach but as i stated, something just rubs me wrong.

I simply don’t see us offering Leach. He’s got baggage & he’s not spectacularly successful. Likewise, I don’t see us offering Lane Kiffin.

I have no idea who is on the radar other than Norvell & Malzahn, but I believe they’re on the radar only because I’ve heard rumors involving them.

Please no Leach. This transition way too important to entrust to crazy,