Give Marty Biagi props

has move frequently and succeeded often, but I remember him being around when we were better at ST across the board.

North Texas: Notre Dame special teams analyst Marty Biagi will join the North Texas staff as special teams coordinator, CoachingSearch has confirmed. The Denton Record-Chronicle first reported the news. Biagi spent one year at Notre Dame and previously coached at South Dakota. … 08918.html

This is where our 10th coaching position should go in my opinion.
Does anyone know how Wisconsin’s special teams were under CBB? He seems confident in his system that in four years has not worked.

I found an article from a Wisconsin site written shortly after we hired him. It noted that early in his UW tenure, he coached special teams himself and that did not go well, but then he split up special teams duties among three or four assistants, similar to what he has done here, and their special teams play improved at that point.

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As for what to do with the 10th assistant, I would not be opposed to a ST coordinator, but if we’re going to the 3-4, having two LB coaches – inside and outside LBs – also could be prudent.

Regarding coaching in general, horse racing season at Oaklawn starts today, and there’s a comparison to be made: You can hire the greatest horse trainer in history, but he isn’t going to be able to make a Shetland Pony win the Kentucky Derby. Do Bielema and staff bear the responsibility for the presence of so many Shetlands? Of course they do. But they’re not going to be able to turn a Shetland into a thoroughbred in October. DD and RD think the talent level will be upgraded when we plug in last year’s redshirts and this year’s recruits. I hope that’s true.