Let’s give the HC a raise then extend contract by three years or more.

Hunter, we are watching, checkbook in hand.

There were not enough people in BWA to get a good card game going. And the card game could have been more interesting.

Just use that checkbook to buy players like everyone else. If the next coach we hire isn’t buying his roster, you may be singing this song again and again. Remember this is the SEC.

How are the 12 teams ahead of us cheating?

According to who?

There were 10,000 - seems like enough for a card game.

The box score says 9,180 scanned tickets

That is a decent crowd on a Saturday for a BASEBALL game.

My mistake. I gave my great tickets away to some students, just not interested enough to attend. As Gafford and HC made mention of…I too have turned loose of the rope.

I obviously knew there were enough fans for a card game. The pictures on TV showed a lot of empty seats. So my bad.

DVH help us out please.

Lol good post

Pretty sad!

10K is a good crowd for CBB on Saturday for the vast majority of teams. Not sure if you’re aware but most arena’s max capacity is around 10k these days. BWA is just really big for this day and time.

Also, it’s been talked about many times on here, other boards, and on the radio, those scanned tickets have been off. I’ve been to several games this year, one game I went to said scanned tickets was around 7k, and as someone that has been to more Hog basketball games at BWA than I can remember, I can tell you for a fact there was more than 7k people there.

If it’s saying 9,180 then its like Dudley said it’s at least 10k there.

Not all tickets get scanned.

You can see that as they roll through