Give Arkansas credit ... Gene Chizik

I haven’t searched through all of the posts from last night and today to see if this has already been posted, but it echoes my thoughts on the game. There was progress. There is still a LOT of work to do, but there was no quit in the team.

Morris has won me over. Totally. All in.

I am with you. I cannot wait until he gets some of his recruits in place and some playmakers with speed. I think it will not take long to turn this around but changing the culture is not as easy as old days when you had more time to coach and more numbers as you could run off the malcontents and those that just could not improve.

I watched the game live streaming in my farm cabin - for once I had good live steaming despite the rain and storms

I feel OK

The Defense carried the team and looks like it can be a very good solid defense

The Offence - Coach Morris - IMHO needs to stick with Ty Story - and move on

I saw fight the whole game - They didn’t roll over and die - IMHO they are simply punch drunk from being hit so hard

But these look like Razorbacks - they will pull it together

Coach Morris this Hog Fan is behind you 100% - you are my last hope that Arkansas can be relevant again

Now Special teams - were not special

But there is hope - yes - they is hope

Our front 7 looked better than expected in their first game together. I don’t think people outside of Ark know about our players returning from injuries and that is why our defense is quite improved. Agim has been a stud while Watts and TJ Smith have been surprises. We look dramatically better after Ramsey and Greenlaw came back last week.

I think our defense will benefit since Chavis knows some of the tendencies of A&M’s players. Chavis may also be able to help with player tendencies on A&M offense. Our weak offense against their so-so defense will help us get a little better. Their good offense against our improving defense is a better match but a running QB can create big plays.

I am going to set expectations for game to game improvement. The offense will be able to use more RPO with Ty at the controls so maybe we can get in a rhythm and develop a run game.

While I am still supportive, I wish he would clean up all the penalties and alignment issues. It doesn’t take playmakers or speed to know whether you are supposed to be on the field or not or to line up correctly. On top of the called penalties, we had to use several of our time-outs just to avoid others. Very frustrating.