Women win again. 16-5 .

Short recap of the game: … in-streak/

I think they can beat Ga too. And then they get a ranked USCe coming in to BWA. Will be interesting.

The ladies may be headed for the dance. I hope they can build on this winning streak and beat Georgia!
Marty do you think they have a chance to crack the top 25?

Not Marty, but I looked at this on Wed, I think (it was this week anyways). We weren’t even receiving votes. I think we’d have to win our next four (including two ranked teams) before the young ladies show up in the Top 25. I actually think they win the next three, I’m not sure about the fourth.

The ladies play in a tough conference and they have played ranked teams pretty close in all but a few games. I’m hoping they can win the next 3 like you