Girls are

In 3rd place in SEC! I can’t remember the last time they were that high! Maybe when Gary Blair was coach. They will be tied with either A&M or Kentucky depending on who wins that game. They are fun to watch! Mike Neighbors is an excellent coach and we are doing this with no true post player. Come out Thursday and watch them against Georgia!

The women’s game with Florida reminded me very much of the men’s game with Misery. Get off to a terrible start against a bad team, turn it around and pull away late. Only difference was the women did it on the road. It’s been a long time since we won a game at the O-Dome (no longer called that but whatever) with either gender.

Aggies won so we’re tied with them. Of course we were also tied with them before today, the difference being Misery is no longer in that tie as well.

What kind of league are we in? Four of our last nine games are against ranked teams.

Georgia is 3-4 in the league. Hopefully we take care of business there. The key match will be Feb. 3 against the two-time Final Four team from SoCar. They don’t have the big girl in the middle any more but they’re still nationally ranked. That would be a huge win. We don’t get the Aggies (also nationally ranked now) until last game of the season at Reed Arena. Misery is the last home game on 2/28.

I am really happy that the lady Razorbacks are doing so well. Looks like the program is getting off the ground a little quicker than I expected. Last time I watched it was against MS ST and they dominated us. I thought we needed a couple of bigs to rebound and score if we are to compete with likes of M-State. But what we have are skilled, quick and hardworking; in addition to good coaching. Congratulations to all!

thought before the season that i’d be happy with a .500 conference record.we may still end up that way but it sure is fun being a team that others can’t overlook anymore…i only wish i lived closer to Fayetteville(NLR)where i could make more of their games.i think we finally has a coach that"gets it"…continued success for the women

They know how to close out games late and make the right plays. Once they get some help on campus down low they won’t be easy for the likes of Miss St or A&M to beat them.
When they are able to hit the 3 they can hang in the game with anybody. At Missouri they couldn’t knock shots down. Since then they’ve been pretty solid.