Gimme win coming up?

Who wants to bet on when 2nd team comes in? Specifically, when will Ty come in?

Based on past experience, I say third series in 3rd Qtr, very close to the 4th Qtr–and Heaven help us if the 4Th Qtr is shortened again by threat of mist.

I still think that the shortened game was a way to implement the mercy rule. That storm was way south of Fayetteville.

Play second teamer skill players…but have the starting o-line play the entire game. Lord knows they needs the game reps.

i agree completely. I think AA is going to be so sore that he needs to start the first drive to see what wrinkles Alcorn throws at us, and then hand it to Ty Storey. We can’t take a chance on AA getting hit this week.

Durn. I hate to be right here. Sure hope Austin doesn’t get hurt playing to the end of third qtr. He definitely won’t be as rested next week as he could’ve been.

Poor Ty.

Don’t understand why AA would be in game at this point?

He’s still in, just handing off. TJ scores!!

If I were Austin I’d be embarrassed to be in on that series when Storey is still on the bench. Ty could have handed off too.