Gillespie part deux...tell me different

Seen this before

Yep, that’s it. Seen it done before.

He was coming, then the Kentucky job came open.

He was his way – but he had to lose to Georgia and Alabama first. And isn’t that exciting to be rooting for your next coach to lose so you can hire him?

I hope this coup is not the undoing of our football program. Because it is clearly not going according to plan now.

Can still lose to Georgia

We have to wait on Norville till Saturday

Auburn is not going to ever lose a coach who beat an undefeated Bama team and took the title over them. Auburn is not going to just let him leave now. It won’t happen. And they are especially not letting their Bama-beating coach go to what they think is an inferior program.

And did you see him after the game? He’s not going any place.

Not so fast …Wait till see what wife says

Hope you are right, but I don’t believe in fairy tales any more. Auburn people are insane about beating Alabama. They will not let him leave now, especially to Arkansas.

Maybe wife is crazier than Auburn people. :smiley:

Not holding my breath. Wife or not. He is set for at least another year.