"Gibby" in Trouble

One of my all-time favorite Cardinals…I know Bob Gibson will fight hard.
Never forget the 17 strikeout shutout performance against Kaline, Horton,
Freeman, and the Detroit Tigers in the '68 Series.

https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/271 … tic-cancer

Bob Gibson was a great player! I hope they found it early and he beats the cancer.
I will pray for him!

As a kid Bob Gibson was one of my favorites. He was no nonsense and backed down from no one. Didn’t allow batters to crowd the plate. He was not afraid to throw them high and tight.

Several years ago I was able to visit Werner Park home of the AAA Storm Chaser baseball team in Omaha. Right inside the front gate was a statue of Bob Gibson who still lives in the Omaha area. Our company had a marketing deal with the Storm Chasers and their Marketing guy gave us a tour. During the tour he said that Bob Gibson was not a pleasant person be be around. When they dedicated the statue Bob initially refused to attend. But he was talked into it by his ole Cardinal buddy Joe Torre. Makes sense knowing his demeanor on the field.

Prayers for healing of his cancer. Bob gave me many great memories. A great, great baseball player.

To me, he was and always will be the best and what a pitcher should be. He said the game was 9 innings, therefore, he was suppose to pitch 9. Simple as that. When asked about throwing at guys he said he did not throw at them. If he did, he said he would hit them.

He won 3 World Series Games, and we now pitchers cannot go 7 innings but once a week. Really? Gibby did because that was what was needed.

Managers had to ask if they could go out to the mound (which was lowered because he was too good ERA well below 1 that yr). He would ask them what they were doing there and tell them they needed to go back and sit down.

I always refer to him as Mr. Gibson. That is who I measure all pitchers against and so far, none have measured up.

There was a show on MLB network called Studio 42. I loved it. Bob Costas interviewed former players, umpires, and media HOF members. One interview was with Gibby and McCarver. It seems that once when the Cards were in San Francisco, the two of them visited Willie Mays at his home. When he opened the door, he saw Gibby wearing glasses. It scared him pretty badly.

Gibson is 4th on the list all time seaon ERA for SP…what is amazing is you have to go all the way down to 42
to find another “modern” day pitcher, Dwight Gooden at 42.

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