GG Refs!

Ridiculous. It’s obvious the ball is off UNC being deflected, they give UNC the ball, then Berry pushes Bailey down and no call. I would have rather them call a block.

So proud of this team though. Great Year!

Great year. Disgusting officiating., They didn’t want another 1 seed to lose

A shame. It wasnt just those last calls, but how many times our players went to the basket and drew a foul, but was never called. The imbalance of foul shots was ridiculous. Probably one of the best games Arkansas has played all season and to have the refs alter the outcome like that is really bad.

Yes, it was a systematic protection of the #1. And if you review the SH game, same thing. How many times did we get hammered going to the goal with no call? And touch foul after touch foul on us

Even worse. Meeks fouled the crap out of Macon. He got him on the arm. Should have been 3 FTAs.


The refs must have been alumni of North Carolina!