Getting to the line

Hogs are back in front of the NCAA list of most free throws taken and most FTs made after last night. We are 2 FTAs in front of A&M-Corpus Christi (which also played last night) and 8 FTM in front of the Islanders.

And of course the two FTAs that put us in front were JD with 8.6 seconds remaining.

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So from a fouling standpoint we shouldnt complain about getting our share of calls.


When you take it to the rim you will draw fouls and free throws. In that LSU game the free throw attempts could have been much higher. They let LSU play football on defense.


And LSU was still called for 25 fouls. Imagine if they had called a tight game…

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It could have been 40 fouls on them. We needed pads and helmets for that game. Grabbing and pulling our guys in the rebounding area was blatant. If you get away with it, you have no reason to quit doing what helps your team.

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