Getting talent

EM will certainly have to recruit high school players better at Arkansas than at Nevada. I think it’s going to be a lot easier to get good players to Fayetteville to play in the SEC than it was to get guys to go to Reno to play in the Mountain West. So I think it’s wait and see on high school guys.

EM has been very adept at getting good transfers. Between the grad transfer portal and regular transfers that is really important these days. How important? Look at Texas Tech which is in the final tomorrow night with a combination of good but not great recruiting and an ability to get experienced players who fit.

Matt Mooney- 11 points a game/3 assists per game/30 minutes per game. Grad transfer, began at Air Force then two years at South Dakota.

Tariq Owens- 8.8 ppg/5.8 rpg/2.5 blocks per game/25 minutes a game. Grad transfer from St. Johns.

Brandone Francis-6.2 ppg/23 minutes per game. Transfer from Florida.

Deshawn Corprew-5.1 ppg/3.4 rpg/ 13 minutes per game. JC transfer

Tech’s also got two guys who played for European national teams in FIBA competition, Davide Moretti(Italy) and Josh Mballa(France). EM appears to have connections with some of the foreign national teams and leagues which might produce a guy or two.