Getting Started

If you are a Hawgs Illustrated subscriber, please take a look over this FAQ page. It should answer most, if not all of the questions you have about the merger and includes phone numbers to our customer service line.

Matt, only guessing, but you are likely referring to this:

Cannot find this specific page anywhere. Further help would be appreciated.

Please email me and I will be happy to help.

Glad to see someone else can’t find that page. I’ve tried it on 2 different browsers going from and have yet to find a way to get to that page. The only thing I have found is “My Subscriptions” under and when you click “Cancel Subscription” there it pops up a box saying you have to call them.

I’m a newbie. I saw the article in the Dem Gaz on the merger. According to the article, I read that Dem Gaz subscribers get a free subscription. I have a Dem Gaz subscription and went to your website and just registered. Is that the correct way?

Yes, that is correct.

Matt - I can login via my email address and Hawg Illustrated password, but I cannot register as you say I must because of the following error:

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An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists.

What now?

LarryAMaHog, send an email to Matt at the link provided above. Include you phone number so that he can call you. He will help you work through your problem.

Can not cancel my account with Scout. It gave a number to call # 1 888 501 5752. Is that what I should do? I have registered with this site I hope. Thanks for your help.

NOTE: Phone number has been corrected. BBH

Yes, you do need to call that number to cancel.

The number is 888-501-5752 not 800-501-5752

I have dialed the numbers listed above and I got a never ending series of recorded sales pitches for all kinds of new crap I don’t want. Does anyone have a scout cancelling number that works?

I called them at 3:43 PM Central time and their call center was closed.

that must be the wrong number. I called it and they are selling the button you wear around you neck you push for, just like the " I have fallen and I cant get up". Also if you will order now you get to swim in Disney’s resort 300 acre lake. I guess that is the same lake where the 2 year old child died at the hands of the alligator about 2 weeks ago. What is the correct number to cancel with Scout???

The correct number for Scout is 1-888-501-5752.

When I dial the 800 number listed above to cancel Scout all I get is a sweepstakes offer line. Are you sure the number above is correct?

If you read the post just above yours, you will see that it should have been an 888 number.

As noted earlier: