Getting slightly ahead of myself

(But only slightly with a 13-0 lead)

Who goes tomorrow? Kopps? Taco?

I figure Kopps

I would bet Trevor Stephan is available for a couple of innings, so maybe he comes out first to try to get the team off to a good start. Kevin Kopps is the best arm that would be able to go a while. I think everyone outside of Knight and Murphy will be able to throw at least an inning.

I think Kopps, Taco and Cronin will piece it together.

Don’t think Cronin will be rested enough yet for any significant contribution. He just pitched a career high number of pitches on Friday. We might see him in a situational scenario, for a batter or two. But I wouldn’t think more than that.

Chadwick might get some time. And Reindl. Perhaps Lee, and Losekey.