Getting Desi and Notae back to form

Going to be key to realizing this teams potential.

Need some additional 3 point shooting punch especially off the bench. Right now we have a lot of line ups with only 1 really good 3 point shooter (Moody). Tate is shooting a high % but not sure he totally trusts it in crunch time. Jackson could be that guy but seems to have lost confidence and fallen down the depth chart.

Desi is hopefully getting healthy.

Notae is maddening to me. One minute he looks like an all SEC player, the next minute he misses 3 layups and shoots a 30 foot step back 3.

I think Jackson isn’t playing much because he’s a defensive liability. He can still pop an occasional trey (shooting 34% from deep which is slightly above the team average), but if you don’t play D for Muss you don’t play.

I had this argument with someone earlier in the season that Jalen Tate was a much improved 3pt shooter and doesn’t get much credit. Over the 7-0 SEC run Tate is 9/21 (42%) and Moody is 10/30 (33%). On the season Tate is 37.7% and Moody is 37.1.

It’s a good observation and one that begs for Tate to take the open 3 vs working hard to get a usually covered up moody a 3 attempt.

Don’t forget Vanover. He’s shooting 3s at a 50% clip our last 3 SEC games. He seems to have found his 3 point shot. I’m fine with Tate shooting “open” 3s. I also like it that Tate has been looking to score more of late. His 3 point shots are falling and he’s also making more of his inside the arc shots. He’s our 2nd leading scorer in just SEC games.

I think we are a “good” 3 point shooting team when Moody, Vanover, and Tate are on the court together. Take one off and we are a mediocre, at best, 3 point shooting team.

Desi is the guy we have got to get going on his 3s. His previous 2 seasons, this is the point in the season when he has gotten hot on his 3s. We really need that starting Wednesday night and carrying on through the rest of the season and tournaments.

Hopefully Desi can find his stroke soon without favoring that shoulder. But it has caused his form to look awkward and stressed.
I don’t know the extent of the injury but it may be a while before he is 100% comfortable shooting like he did pre injury. Plus it seems to have affected other facets of his game on offense and defense.
Glad others have stepped up lately.