Getting blown out at home

Won’t help.

I agree. What happened in the second half? Seems like they resorted back to the stand around team on offense and defense.

It looked like they expended so much energy in the first half and let their emotions drain them early. Then they came out flat to start the second half.

I was hoping for a run of wins and a 6 seed in dance. Since that ain’t happening I just want the 10 seed, win one more and let’s stay away from that 8/9 game. We always draw the tough tourney games, would prefer not to play a 1 seed to try to get to sweet 16

No help from the bench. Which had 6 points and 7 rebounds.

Ky had 38 points and 27 rebounds from their bench.

I agree.


Gafford is not ready for the NBA Kentucky showed why.

Gafford needed help inside. Kentucky had three Gafford like guys aggressive to basket to our one unfortunately.

Barford just didn’t seem the same after the play where he fell and was slow to get up. Don’t have the facts to back up that statement but seemed like his shot was not the same after that. Him not being able to be, well, him and the bench just nonexistent made it hard to be successful. That and WAY too many offensive rebounds given up along with easy dunks on the baseline backside.

I also agree that Gafford tonight showed that he’s not really ready for the step up in talent he would see in the NBA…

Hopefully this is the last egg we lay and get back to where we can be… if not, well, there’s always next year.

The hogs got out played in every part of the game you can look at.
We made one more 3 than Kentucky! That’s it.
We will be better off with a new group aginst Kentucky. Macon and Bardford play out of control aginst Kentucky and I don’t know why. You have to value the ball! The hogs put up wild shots in transition and got nothing. You have to make free throws and the hogs missed too many. You can’t get waxed on the glass and the hogs were waxed bad. I hope we don’t play Kentucky in the SEC tournament.
It’s one game. No big deal yet!
Need to win at Alabama.

Our gaurds are worn out and they were spent after the first half as you say. Man and trapping wears us down because we don’t have depth at gaurd. UK used their bench against us and wore us out just like we used to do to other teams. The Fastest 40 works against lesser teams, but it does not work against the good teams…unless we shoot lights out and the other team has bad guards. There is NO reason we should have used Man and Traps except for bursts of change up shock. This UK team sucks shooting from the Arc so we should have been in match up zone all night, especially after we could see CJ was not hitting shots and even Hall was a NO SHOW. They used our Man against us with screens to free up knox as he weaved through the lane. Knox kept UK in the game because we stubbornly stayed with man. We were out of position so much the last 30 min and it showed in rebounding too.