Getting a kick out of this LSU announcer

“you can hang a worm on that hook”

Sounds like an LSU homer who is trying to be neutral but failing at it.

He had some zingers. My dad had them too.

Lyn Rollins is hired by LSU to broadcast these games. He has been calling LSU football and baseball for decades.

I didn’t realize that. Explains a lot. They were not neutral. I think they kinda tried, but like I said, they failed.

I thought the announcers were very good, and very complimentary of us.

It willl always seem like home announcers are biased just because of their familiarity with their own team.

I loved it when he said Loseke was throwing “Chicklets”.

That was funny.

Lyn is easy to listen to as an opposing fan, compared to LSUs former play by play man Jim Hawthorn. Jim didn’t try at all to hide his bias, which was comical at times.